Huda's Haven, Kg Hulu Rening, 44300 Batang Kali, Selangor

012 800 5608

The Nature Resort for All

That’s our vision for Huda’s Haven.

The first intention and priority has always been families. We place high value in the strengthening of silaturrahim between brothers, sisters, parents and children, for the fact that we are surrounded by many factors of life that often make us drift apart. This space we’ve built among the greens and the water is all about providing the space to reconnect. And to us, a big part of reconnecting is being away from the smoke and speeding of traffic or the pings and rings on our phones, and closer to the sound of the wind on the trees and the flowing of the river from the hills. A short but rewarding holiday, for all ages alike.

For friends who just want to take a break, there’s ample space to chill and things to do . As comfortable as we’ve always been spending time in malls and city parks, sometimes it’s nice to take a vacation surrounded by nature – but not that far in that you have to consider doing a man vs beast episode. It’s a jungle retreat, without the roughing it part. Guests here will have plenty to do with ATV, Paintball, Karaoke, swimming, sports, fishing, BBQ, and more.

The large space is also suited for organizations that want to conduct team-building events. Nothing says team, quite like bunking it together and spending one or two nights with a packed agenda and multiple buffet meals a day. Telematch? Yes. Treasure hunt? Yes. Free time to swim and splash? Yes. What feels more like a break from the office than quite literally, the forest, to focus on getting to know each other better? By the end of it, colleagues may even become life-long friends.

At the end of the day, time is a luxury which we hope is considered spent well when spending it here with us. Just an hour from Kuala Lumpur, on the fringe of the forest, is where the world stops for a second, and you’ll discover our own local haven.

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