Huda's Haven Resort

Huda's Haven Resort

Huda's Haven Resort

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Cool serene mornings greet you, complemented with the beautiful orchestra of chirping birds and crowing cockerels. With dragonflies and butterflies hovering above, it is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a brand new day.
Your security is assured as the whole area is fenced and well-lit at night, to give you a peace of mind. 

A resort getaway that brings you a relaxing, tranquil and soothing experience. An exquisite haven retreat to escape and seek refuge from the hectic city life and it’s only an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.  Sungai Hijau meanders alongside the property, making this beautiful, clean & picturesque river the main attraction. We build gazebos near the river for you to rest, relax and feast after an invigorating dip and splashing good time in the river.

 On clear nights, you will be bedazzled with the scintillating glitter of millions of twinkling stars while being sooth by the calming sounds of the nearby river and serenaded by the occasional music of the crickets.

Your Stay…


Bilik Mak Cik

Rumah Kayu

Mak Ngah

…and beyond…

Sungai Hijau

Cool Down

Located just outside the resort’s borders
Enjoy the nice cool water

Swimming Pool


Dip In


Pools use natural water from the river

Unsupervised pool


Row In

Fibreglass paddle boats
Life jackets


Ride In

Bycycles are provided in resort for family and children



Two separate ponds are available Bring your own fishing rods Release small fishes back to the pond

Barbecue Pits


Two BBQ pits are available
Bring your own charcoal and other BBQ tools



Can easily seat 80 guests at any one time



Great for family/group chatting while eating

Ping Pong

Game On

 Table tennis and badminton (open space)


Kick In

Great for tele-matches, games and family/group activities


Seminar Room



Sing Along

Attractions Nearby…

Upper Hot Springs Guest
(5.3 km)
D’Kali Fishing Pond
(4.7 km)