Frequently Asked Questions

What is the check in / check out time?

Check in is at 2.30PM, and check out is at 12PM

Can I check in earlier?

Depending on the availability of the rooms, we allow early check ins but not earlier than 1.30PM. That said, if you would like to spend some time on the free activities provided in Huda’s Haven, kindly inform us prior to arriving, to ensure the resort is open to early arrivals. There is a guest washroom facility in case of need, while waiting for check in.

What time does the reception / front desk operate?

From 8.15AM – 5.00PM. If you are in need of the reception or front desk during any of the hours outside of this time frame, you may try reaching us at +6010 258 5860.

Are there restaurants / grocery stores in the area?

500m from the resort is Kampung Hulu Rening, in which several hawker stalls operate on weekends. 8km from the resort is Bandar Batang Kali, in which there are multiple restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to buy necessities prior to arriving at the resort.

When are the meals served?

On the day of arrival, dinner will be served between 7.30 – 8PM. On the day of departure, breakfast will be served between 8.30 – 9AM. For 2-night stays, in addition to breakfast and dinner, the 2nd day also includes lunch, served between 1 – 1.30PM.

What are the meals served?

Kampung-style cooking, served in packs unless requested otherwise.

Can I drink beer / wine / alcohol at the resort?

All forms of drinking alcohol is prohibited at the resort. Other non-halal consumables such as pork is also prohibited.

Can I bring my pets?

Due to the few in-house cats that we have, we unfortunately are unable to allow pets in the vicinity to prevent fighting between the animals. It is recommended that they are sent to a pet caretaker first before arriving at the resort. (Most pets don’t enjoy being in cages for too many hours, so we wouldn’t recommend bringing one along in a cage or carrier.)

Is there WiFi at the resort?

WiFi is not provided. For casual use, DiGi is so far the most stable line, with Maxis coming in second, while UMobile and Celcom are typically at the 2G range.

Is the river safe for children?

The river by the resort is typically calm and clear, and is often visited by families of all ages. It ranges from 1 to 3 feet deep and adult supervision is compulsory at all times. During the occasional heavy rain, all guests most certainly should not be in the river.

Is the resort OKU-friendly / wheelchair friendly?

The resort is not quite built to be wheelchair or OKU-friendly. However, for guests staying at any of the ground floor “bilik Mak”, most of the facilities are accessible for wheelchair-users.

Can I conduct team-building here?

Yes. Huda’s Haven can provide the accommodation and space, as well as manage the external caterers that serve the meals. Training companies will be engaged to provide the activities and manage the team-building sessions.