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By staying at Hudas Haven, I agree to abide by the following Terms & Conditions of Service:
   1. I understand that Hudas Haven is a completely Halal premises and as such I will not consume or bring in non halal produce or beverages
       within the premises.
   2. I will not bring in any pets into the premises.
   3. I will not do any cooking with direct fire inside the Suite, Rooms, Cabin, Gazebos, Multi Purpose Area or on the Camping Ground.
   4. I will abide by the maximum number of occupancy per Suite, Room, Cabin or Gazebo as stated and that the Management reserves the right
       to revoke my stay and/or charge additional surcharges should the number of guests exceed the permitted maximum.
   5. I understand that guests who are found to disregard the above conditions may be evicted with immediate effect and no refund or compensation
       will be given.
   6. I understand that the Management has taken the necessary steps to ensure that my stay is as safe as possible and agree not to hold the
       Management responsible for any injuries, damages, accidents, loss or death that may occur to me and/or my companions during our stay at
       Hudas Haven.
   7. Check In time is 2 pm and Check Out time is 12 noon.
   8. I understand that I may be charged the prevailing rates per place of stay per night, should I check out beyond the Check-Out time of 12 noon.
   9. I understand that I will be fully liable for the cost of replacement for any loss or damage to items and facilities used or rented, payable in cash
       during my stay.
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