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  Facilities & Activities

                         Sungai Hijau

                                  Located just outside the resort's borders

                                  Enjoy the nice cool water


                         Swimming Pool & Wading Pool

                                  Pools use natural water from the river

                                  Unsupervised pool



                                  Fibreglass paddle boats

                                  Life jackets



                                   More than 20 bicycles available

                                   Various sizes of bicycles


                         Karaoke Set

                                  Available at the swimming pool area

                                  Self operated

                         Traditional & Board Games

                                   Scrabble, Monopoly, Playing Cards, etc.

                                   Carrom, “Congkak”, "Batu Seremban", etc.


                         Dining Area

                                  Can easily seat 80 guests at any one time



                                   Two separate ponds are available

                                   Bring your own fishing rods

                                   Release small fishes back to the pond



       Futsal Field

                      Great for tele-matches, games and family/group



       Barbecue Pits

                      Two BBQ pits are available

                      Bring your own charcoal and other BBQ



       Racquet Games

                      Table tennis and badminton (open space)


       Seminar Room

                      Equipped with projector, white board, tables &

                      chairs, air conditioners & fans

                      As Surau, 70 Jama'ah can pray at any one time

                      It is also equipped with a mini library


       Common washrooms

                      4 showers and 4 toilets for ladies &

                      4 showers and 4 toilets for gents


      Food & Beverages (Separate Charges)                     

                      Catering services are available


       Guided Activities (Separate Charges)

                      All Terrain Vehicles

                      River Trekking

                      Jungle Trekking

                      Mountain Biking

                      Flying Fox (upon request)

                      Paint Ball (upon request)

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