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   Frequently Asked Questions

s it safe?
   * Bearing in mind that this area is surrounded by jungle, there is only so much we can do. However, we strive to make this place as safe as possible.
   * The whole 4 acres is surrounded by perimeter fencing and the gates are locked every evening for your safety.
   * At night the whole place is well lit.
   * There are 3 fulltime caretakers on the premises and they are always ever willing to assist.
   * The few wild animals in the area are monkeys and the occasional wild boars that come out at night to scavenge. They stay well away from the
      fencing thus are hardly seen.
   * The kampong is just across the river, meaning outside help is just minutes away.
   * For your own sake, do keep your valuables in a secure place. Do not leave them unattended or out in the open. Lock the doors and windows when
     you go out.

What is the river like?
   * The water is crystal clear and quite cool.
   * At most places it is only knee to waist deep. Only at certain locations can one find waters deep enough to swim.
   * The canopy of trees all along the river shelters it from the hot sun.
   * On the occasion that it rains, the river's water level may rise rapidly and the water turns muddy. Do not, under any circumstances, play in the
      river, as it is extremely dangerous.

Are there many mosquitoes, bugs and other insects?
   * There are the occasional mosquitoes in the premises but no more than what you would find in the city. However, their number increases as you
     venture into more damp & wet areas.
   * Bugs, insects, common house lizards and frogs are common in the area. Please bring insect repellants if you need to.

   Can I use my mobile phone?
   * Yes, all mobile carriers are accessible.

   Is there Internet Access?
   * Yes. Internet access is via your own mobile broadband provider. Due to our location, access to phone land line is not possible.

Are there Astro TV channels?
   * Yes, located at the Multi Purpose Area and the Suite.  All other rooms have the local TV channels such as TV1 to TV9 and TV Al-Hijrah.

   Are there hot water for showering?
   * Yes, in all the attached bathrooms and in a few shower stalls at the common facilities.

   Can a group of more than 100 of us stay there?
   * Currently we can only accommodate up to a maximum of 70 people. Any more than that will put an unwanted strain on the common facilities such
      as the toilets and showers.

   Are there enough facilities to sleep 70 of us?
   * Yes. Apart from the Suite and Rooms, there are the Gazebos, Cabin & Multi Purpose Area.We also have camping tents that can easily
      sleep at least 10 adults and the camping ground is next to the common facilities.

   Is cooking allowed on the premises?

   * You are not allowed to cook on the premises.
   * Catering services are available.

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